World Acclaimed Data Scientist Pulls Back The Curtain And Reveals…

"If I Had To Learn Data Science All Over Again, Here’s What I Would Do…"

A Personal Letter From: Matt Dancho

Dear Friend,

If you want to slice your learning curve in HALF, then this will be the most important message you’ve ever read… and here’s why:

In case we’ve never met before, my name is Matt Dancho, and I transform people into elite data scientists.

Not only do I work with the general public at large but...

I’m regularly called to train the big data science teams at companies like S&P Global & even Apple.

I'm also asked to speak at conferences like RStudio to bring advanced techniques to the forefront.

Speaking at the R/Finance Conference in Chicago

Delivering my data science workshop in San Diego

Teaching data science to a Fortune 500 Firm in NYC

And even though I’m considered one of the top guys in the field...

... it still took me FIVE YEARS to get started...

... And ANOTHER five years to become an expert.

Now that I’m a teacher and not just a student... I get the same question almost everyday.

"What Data Science Skills Should I Be Learning?"

(and here's my answer.)

So, there's multiple ways to learn the "right" data science skills.

If you learn data science at a university, they’re going to teach you a lot of theory… but not a lot of what is applicable now.

Bad news is: universities are without a doubt- behind the private sector by 5-10 years.

Which means by the time you get out of school, you’re going to have to re-learn everything again because the tech has advanced so much.

On the other hand, if you try to learn data science by yourself, you’re basically learning calculus with no teacher.

Not only do you have to set your own curriculum… but you don’t even know what you CAN learn… let alone what you SHOULD be learning.

And even if you ask people IN the field, everyone’s going to tell you something different…

What's the bottom line?

You're Stuck With Either Going To School And Learning Outdated Material Or Gambling With Your Time, Money, & Education

I know this because that’s exactly what I was doing when I was learning data science.

I had no guide to show me the ropes.

So let me tell you what I did... that didn't work.

First, I bought almost every course I could get my hands on.

I remember prowling through Udemy and Coursera for the best courses on coding & data science.

(And of course I picked the longest ones assuming they had more value. They didn’t. They just sucked at teaching.)

Little did I know, I was slowing down my progress instead of speeding it up.

A lot of the courses had overlapping material.

And there was no consistency to my knowledge.

It was sort of like having a bag of tricks, but not enough to do an entire magic show.

But eventually I figured out that those courses weren’t helping me.

So you know what I started doing instead?

I Started Dropping Thousands Of Dollars Into Bootcamps.

Some bootcamps would take 2-3 MONTHS to complete.

And while the material was interesting, it wasn’t helping me get jobs.

Then I kicked it up a notch AGAIN… and started taking courses from universities online.

These were even MORE expensive and took even longer to complete.

Yet, I was still stuck in the same place.

Learning the same material over and over again, without any cause for celebration or advancement.

Did I eventually figure out what I needed? Yes.

Could I have done it in 1 year instead of 5? Absolutely.

If I would have learned the fundamentals in 1 year instead of 5, I would have an extra $480,000 dollars right now. (120,000 x 4 = 480,000)

And the case is the same for you.

Every Year You Are NOT A Data Scientist, You Are Forfeiting $120,000 Dollars A Year Plus Benefits.

Not to mention all the time you’re sacrificing.

All the time you spend learning data science...

... isn’t spent with your family...

... your friends...

... or doing the other things you enjoy.

At one point, I was waking up at 5am, taking courses, going to work, coming home, spending 6pm-9pm on courses and then going to bed. (My wife LOVED it.)

I did this for a LONG time out of desperation.

I mean "wow!"

Imagine how much different my life would be, or even how much different your life would be, if I dunno…

there was some book of what to learn?

Then you could go out and learn it.

Think about how much better off you would be.

How much time you would save.

Heck! Imagine how much money you would save!

"If Only There Was Someone Who Trains Data Scientists Who Could Tell Us What We Should Be Learning… And What We Shouldn’t Be Learning!"

Ah, I guess that’s where I come in right?

Well, truth be told, I do have a book that does that.

It’s called:

“Everything You Should Already Know About Data Science” is designed to catch you up to speed to today’s data scientists as well as give you the best insider secrets.

Clocking in at 150 pages, it really is a little black book of secrets about data science.

Here’s a little bit of what’s inside:

☑️ What businesses really want from data scientists (it's not what you think) (page 7)

☑️ How to get a job at a place like Microsoft (page 12)

☑️ The 14 skills one student used to get a $50,000 dollar raise. (page 13)

☑️ How to add an additional $40,000 to your salary almost instantly (page 17)

☑️ Which programming language you can use to get a job as a new data scientist (the answer may shock you) (page 20)

☑️ How to pick a development tool to use (page 22)

☑️ The 3 paths to becoming a data scientist (page 26)

☑️ The 1 skill you should NEVER learn if you’re trying to get a data science job fast. (Plus the 4 you SHOULD focus on instead!) (page 27)

☑️ Which Fortune 500 companies will hire you (at $100,000 per year) (page 33)

☑️ The secret to cutting your data science project times in half (page 39)

☑️ How to save a company 50,000,000 dollars in a year by making “small” tweaks to your data science projects. (page 44)

☑️ The 3 steps to make bullet-proof decision-making algorithms (that your company will reward you for) (page 51)

☑️ A simple trick to getting a company to love you (page 55)

☑️ The complete data science career path (From $90,000/year to $210,000/year) (page 58)

☑️ Why RIGHT NOW is the best (and easiest) time to land a lucrative data science career. (page 64)

☑️ What you need to learn to get advanced positions like Senior Data Scientist & Lead Data Scientist (page 68)

☑️ How to separate yourself from the pack and be a contender for Senior Data Science & Lead Data Science positions (page 70)

☑️ The difference between the strategic & technical career path (page 75)

☑️ The one hurdle which holds 99% of data scientist’s career hostage (and how they got over it) (page 85)

☑️ The 2 mistakes you're making, and why they are hurting your career more than they help. (page 86)

☑️ Why skills won’t sell you as a data scientist… and what to do instead. (page 89)

☑️ The simple trick that landed a Lead Data Scientist Job (in under 180-days) (page 93)

☑️ The right way to approach ALL data science problems (page 83)

☑️ Why choosing Python in the data science wars is killing your career (page 95)

☑️ The most overlooked aspect of R (that will actually get you a job faster) (page 101)

☑️ What's a data science team? (and where do you fit?) (page 108)

☑️ The 3 key ingredients that most organizations miss (and how you can fill their massive holes) (page 108)

☑️ The 5 ways a data science team works together to solve problems (page 112)

☑️ The complete data science workflow to help you solve complicated data science problems (page 119)

☑️ Discover the 3 steps to solving ALL data problems (page 123)

☑️ The 2 reports that doubled my salary (page 130)

☑️ The one thing that separates good data scientists from average ones (page 132)

☑️ An overlooked skill 98% of data scientists aren't using that triggered an immediate hiring at a Global Energy Company (page 141)

☑️ The secrets 4 data scientists used to get raises and promotions (page 144)

☑️ The hidden tactic that saved a company $5,000,000 per year (and got a data scientist promoted) (page 148)

So what would I do if I had to start all over again?

I'd cheat, and read this book before I did anything.

That way I knew what to learn and could get the best skills and knowledge possible...

... and then I could go out and apply it.

It's just that easy.

(I've written it all down for you.) 😉

Now I’ve been slaving over this book for months… and my team says I should charge between…

$37 - $97 Dollars

But I wanted to do something special for you.

Instead of paying full price, you can get YOUR copy for:

$1 Big Ole' Dollar

However, To Make This Even More Special For You, I’m Including TWO Significant Bonuses.

Bonus #1: R Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is the essential guide you need when you first start learning R.

☑️ Consolidates 20,000 R packages into the 100 most important R Packages

☑️ Covers essential topics including:

☑️ R for Data Science Workflow (Page 1)

☑️ Shiny Apps (Page 2)

☑️ Time Series (Page 3)

☑️ Text Analysis (Page 3)

☑️ Advanced Machine Learning (Page 3)

☑️ Finance, Geospatial, Big Data (Page 3)

When you want work in these fields, these are the R packages YOU need to learn.

Bonus #2: Spark Masterclass + Shiny App

The big request for companies is data scientists that can work with large data. But, there's a problem... No one teaches how.

That changes now! I'm going to teach you how to use Spark (Big Data) with R. You get:

☑️ 1-Hour Masterclass showing you exactly how to use Spark in R with Sparklyr

☑️ 300+ Lines Full R Code Tutorial

☑️ Shiny App for you to dissect

And, here's the 2000+ NASDAQ Stock Screening Shiny App that implements what you learn in the Masterclass.

You can dissect the shiny app, customize it, and use it as a springboard for your portfolio projects.

And listen, to show you just how confident I am this information is worth its weight in gold…

I am also including a: 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Which means if this book isn’t worth it’s weight in gold, I will give your your money back.

(And the bonuses are yours to keep forever for trying my book.)

Sound fair?

What are people saying about my book?

Aaron says my book is "an excellent plan on how [Matt] can help you become a practicing Data Scientist"

Chinonso says my book is "full of life-changing hacks for future data scientists."


I do plan on selling this later for $24.95 on places like Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

I will also sell them at speaking events.

So once it gets published, this offer is going away.

But I didn’t want to wait the 6-12 months for it to get published to put it in your hands.

So I’ve decided to make this offer to you today.

If you don’t take me up on this offer, you CAN expect to pay more for it later.

But today you have to opportunity to get

☑️ My NEW Book “Everything You Should Already Know About Data Science”

☑️ My R Cheat Sheet (Top 100 Most Popular R Packages)

☑️ My Sparklyr Masterclass (300 Lines of Code Tutorial + Shiny App)

☑️ 100% Money Back Guarantee

For A Grand Total Of: $1

Here’s How To Order

All you have to do is click the button that says “Take Me To Checkout”.

Once you’re there, you’ll be taken to a short form where you can enter in your regular details.

After that, you will get:

☑️ My NEW Book “Everything You Should Already Know About Data Science”

☑️ My R Cheat Sheet (Top 100 Most Important R Packages)

☑️ My Sparklyr Masterclass (300 Lines of Code Tutorial + Shiny App)

☑️ 100% Money Back Guarantee

Straight to your email.

I’ve jammed this book with as much important information as I can- to truly show you what’s possible for both you and your data science career.

All you have to do to get it, is click this button:

I’ll see you on the other side,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Data Scientist,

Matt Dancho,

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