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For Machine Learning & APIs Course Launch Event


Build production-ready data science solutions with Python.

Begins Thursday, May 25th @ 2PM EST

Live Python Training + Course Launch Party 🎉

Grow your 6-figure career

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Hi I'm Matt,

There's a massive shift happening in data science.

And the few that are adapting are reaping the rewards.

Long gone are the days of 10+ person data science teams...

... Where it takes 15 months (if ever) to get projects deployed into the business.

And, with data science project success rates dwindling at 14%, it's no wonder why companies are "restructuring".

In 2023, companies are demanding leaner & meaner data science teams that can do more with less.

Enter The Business Scientist.

A Business Scientist is capable of:

  • Communicating with Business Stakeholders

  • Understanding Business Problems

  • Converting Business Problems into Data Science Projects

  • Building Business Solutions

  • And Deploying those business solutions

Those that can do this in under 90 days are getting 17% higher salaries.

Those that cannot are getting cut. Fired. And replaced.

Want to become irreplaceable?

Want to become unfireable?

Want to become valued?

Want companies to compete for you?

Want companies to pay you what you're worth?

Then it's simple...

Learn to build & deploy solutions.

This course is like nothing else.

Learn from a $1,000,000+ ROI business project.

  • Work on a real world project where you save $1,250,000 every year with Customer Lead Scoring (a massive problem for companies)

  • Build a Frontend Streamlit App that automates your analysis

  • Make a Production-Grade API Backend with FastAPI

  • Cost the Project (and build a persuasive argument)

  • Show Return ON Investment (A $1,200,000 ROI Savings)

  • Create Data Pipelines (using Pandas + Python Modules)

  • Build 100's of Python Machine Learning Models with Pycaret, Scikit Learn & H2O AutoML

  • Track all machine learning experiments with MLFlow

  • Build a Production Python Module to house the code for your models, API, & App

  • Add 150+ amazing skills to your job portfolio

  • Gain a interview-winning project that will help you beat your interview competition (and land you a job or get you a promotion)

The Skills Companies Need

Machine Learning, APIs, and Web Apps in 1 Integrated Course.

The $1,000,000+ Automated

Business Solution You Build

1. Upload a Customer List.

2. Download Lead Scores.

3. Make Company Money.

The Process You Follow

Follow the exact same process I've use to solve $10,000,000+ business problems.

The Code You Create

Use VSCode to build the end-to-end lead scoring automation with python code.


Your Life?

Discover how to add machine learning & API skills to launch your 6-figure data science career.

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