Special LIVE Event Starts Wednesday, March 6th @ 2PM EST:


for Data Scientists


Full Code ChatGPT Workshop.

Begins Wednesday, March 6th @ 2PM EST

LIVE ChatGPT for Data Scientists Workshop 🎉

1 skill that will earn you $150,000 (or more)

Hi I'm Matt,

90% of data scientists aren't using ChatGPT effectively.

  • There are mistakes they are making.

  • There are secrets they are missing.

  • And it's costing these data scientists dearly.

So for the past 4 months, I've been studying up on ChatGPT.

I ponied up and got a ChatGPT subscription. And I've been testing it out, experimenting with what works and what doesn't).

I have good news! I'm ready to share my results.

Attend my free workshop where I will reveal what 90% of are missing out on (but you can use for your business starting today):

Join me and 1,000+ data scientists learning ChatGPT together!


What's Inside this Learning Lab? You will discover:

  • Discover why ChatGPT is even more powerful than what I initially thought (and why I'm using it for certain tasks BUT not others)!

  • Find out what mistakes I'm most commonly seeing with ChatGPT tasks (PLUS how to avoid them).

  • I'll share my 3-Step ChatGPT FRAMEWORK (so you can immediately apply it to your company's data science projects).

  • And all attendees get a FREE R CHEAT SHEET** for attending live (just updated).

**This is the "express path" to learning R. The cheat sheet consolidates 20,000 R packages into the 100 best. Combine it with ChatGPT to 1000X your productivity.



1. Is this lab suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! You will learn a ton and get to see a full ChatGPT workshop live.

2. Is this lab valuable for experts?

Yes! I guarantee you will learn something that will make your day (and possibly week).

3. How to get the free cheat sheet?

Attend live. I will hand out the cheat sheet there.


Your Career with ChatGPT?

Learn 1 skill that can make you $150,000 or more.

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